What is Action65?



Action65 is a 65 days challenge to help transform a person into a more
active individual with a sense of purpose. Whether you are a couch
potato or someone who needs a new jump start, this program is for you.
This program will help you become physically stronger, help you
identify your purpose in life, help you understand proper nutrition,
and most of all help you have a deeper spiritual relationship with
your Heavenly Father.  We provide you with our Action65 resistance
training program along with over 3 hours of video and nutritional
program.  Try the program!  Achieve mind, body, social, and spiritual
wellness in just 65 days!


Our nutritional program is a simple to follow healthy meal plan. You
will never have to stress over what to eat. We provide you with simple
recipes to make the meals of your choice, plus a healthy items
shopping list.
We offer a whole body approach to help you find that balance in all
areas of your life.  Mind, Body, Social and Spirit. Any issues you may
have in your life will fall in one or more of these four areas.  When
you are able to develop that perfect balance you will have a greater
sense of peace and direction for your life.